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New England Seaweed Culture Handbook
Sarah Redmond, Lindsay Green, Charles Yarish, Jang Kim, Christopher Neefus

Seaweeds are a diverse group of large marine macroalgae that are as important to our nearshore coastal marine world as land plants are to our terrestrial world.  These primary producers support other marine life through the production of oxygen, their contribution to marine food webs, and by providing structure and habitat for fish and invertebrates. Historically, coastal peoples have relied on seaweeds for food, minerals, medicine, insulation, fertilizer, and fodder. Today seaweeds are a multibillion dollar industry worldwide, providing food, fertilizers, nutritional supplementation, and valuable phycocolloid extracts including agar, carrageenan, and alginate.

Sue Keller
Background photo: Kenai Range from Katchemak Bay.
Photo credit: Wonderlane, Seattle, WA.