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Maine Kelp Farming Manual
Katie Flavin, Nick Flavin, Bill Flahive, PhD

Farming of kelp and other seaweeds is a significant and growing industry worldwide as they are used for food, medicinal products, additives, and bioremediation. Although farming and use of seaweeds has a long history in Asian and European countries, much of the rest of the world is only now recognizing the unique nutritional and health values of seaweeds. In addition to increased worldwide consumption, a recent development is the growing and harvesting of kelp for conversion to biofuels. Research is currently under way to evaluate the economics of these activities, project future demand for algal products, and determine how best to meet increased global demand.

Sue Keller
Background photo: Kenai Range from Katchemak Bay.
Photo credit: Wonderlane, Seattle, WA.